We’re going Nowhere!

All amazing photos by Marc ‘Trench’ Tschudin! Thank you, Marc!

Now that everyone is off the Playa and back into default territory you might want to broaden your horizon. There are regional burns all over the planet and so many more events where you can participate or show your marvelous artwork. In Europe, we are very proud of probably the fastest growing burner event at the moment: Nowhere.

Though Burning Man is definitely the Holy Grail for most participants, Nowhere has become an annual necessity for some. In the Spanish wilderness, surrounded by mountains, the European burners find their home. Where Burning Man has institutes like DPW, Nowhere is organised, built and taken down mainly by Werkhaus. With its slogan “first to come, last to pull out,” they are the first to enter the Spanish heat, sometimes up to 47 degrees Celsius  to defy dust and storms to make this event happen.

Revelry at Nowhere!

Nowhere is growing, and fast. This was the ninth Nowhere with a little over 1,000 participants, growing by roughly 50% from last year. More than 150 volunteers made this regional Burn happen, from MOOP´ers to site leads, to art teams, to people running theme camps.

Because the event has been growing so fast in such a short time, more and more participants compare Nowhere today to Burning Man’s earlier days. There is a lot of talk about Nowhere’s fate; should the board put a lid on the number of tickets in order to maintain the small scale of the event, or should they allow it to grow? Many participants who have previously attended Burning Man name one aspect of Nowhere the most important: it’s small enough to just run into someone and easily catch up with them later. No matter how much you fancy that one person you just met at that camp at Burning Man, you might never see them again. At Nowhere, you will be able to reach their camp within ten minutes if you want, but factor in the amount of time spent on anything that distracts you from your mission along the way.

Cruisin’ in the sand.

The biggest difference between Nowhere and Burning Man must be the absence of fire. The risk of wildfire makes it impossible to allow things like the burning of structures, which means everything has to be taken down after the event. ­­­One big advantage: at Nowhere you’re perfectly able to go boot-free and just rock flipflops or bare feet if you choose. Apart from that, the five day event is like a tiny little Burning Man; the principles, art, crazy costumes and parties make this a true burner event.

The What Where When Guide helps you to get to the right place at the right time. Asses and Aprons Party at the Italian Garden of Joy is an annual must for most participants, it’s also the day Costume Camp runs out of aprons for a while. Camp Baby proudly presents its Penis Appreciation Hour, where every single penis gets the appreciation and attention it needs. Centre of the event might be Middle of Nowhere, a place with enough space and shade, a stage and technical support to make your activities happen. Here you’ll find many hoopjams, workshops and other interesting happenings.

You even might have seen a little part of Nowhere at Burning Man this year. Our British friends built the Tower of Nowhere as a core project. Bells have been casted at Nowhere for a few years and now this fascinating process was displayed at Burning Man as well. The casting of the bells at Tower of Nowhere actually won the Night ArtTour Kids Choice Award.

Nowhere is our own little European Utopia. The colourful surroundings, the sand and occasional dustdevils set the mood, participants and volunteers make everything else happen. It might not be Burning Man, but the experience of Nowhere is definitely one to recommend.



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