Unipression: A Glittery, One-Horned Reentry

What child doesn’t fantasize about having their very own pet unicorn? Then we grow up and realize… we can become one! That is one of the most magical things about our extended Burning Man community; we make dreams, like unicorns, come true.

Last Friday in Denver, CO, the celebration of hooved, uni-horned mystical creatures rocked the Oriental Theater. But these horse-like glitter mammals aren’t your mamma’s unicorns. Unipression was hosted by The Fucking Unicorns, a Colorado collective that you might know from their rainbow unicorn couitis art car that traversed the crevices of the Playa this year. Horned shiny people shook their tailed booties to an array of fine beats including Pink Mammoth DJ, RYEL and  DJ MLE’s fantastic bumpin’ set that even had the balcony folks groovin’. Ishe wrapped up the night with tons of bass and surprise guest – Kungfunicorn aka C. Vincent Plummer- came all the way from Los Angeles to MC and get some special uni-love. His giant gold unicorn bling was seriously off the chain.

This party had all of the things we’ve come to expect from Burner events – cuddle puddles, lasers, outlandish costumes and lots of dancing. What set it apart for me was the constant revolving display of talent occupying the stage and skies in front of the DJs. The Fucking Unicorns really utilized the space, placing DJs on the theater’s large stage in front gigantic projections of humping dogs, narwhals and neon spirals courtesy of VJ Mallurd FX. What caught the eye even more was the performers; aerialists on silks & lyras, fire artists lighting up the stage with rope dart, hoop, poi and fans and dancers literally getting down. The balcony was one of the best places to be, less packed, supplying the cuddle puddle of stuffed unicorn friends and a laser light section for hooping and dancing. The space allowed for conversation and a fantastic view of all the jaw dropping skills of the revolving plethora of stunning acts.

The unicorn discoball that hung above the dazzling crowd really says it all. This crew of creatures has the style and class of unicorns with the sweaty, grinding, glittery dancing spirit of Studio 54. F.U. member Jilly Katz hits it home, “Our motto as a camp is “take your fun seriously.” While we never take ourselves too seriously, we are serious when we say that we strive to add even more magic and sparkles to the community. It’s easy when you have a group of people with incredible talents that continue to inspire one another. And when we bring all our energy and talents together, we collectively shine that much brighter.” Like the Fucking Unicorns on Facebook to follow their latest parties and next big art project

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