Reformata: Drink Me, Eat Me

From the minute you stepped through the portal at the Electric Warehouse, Reformata’s Drink Me, Eat Me placed you in a different world, far removed from the grungy Brooklyn exterior. More than just a wild dance party, the magical wonderland combined upbeat electronic and house music, amazing visual projections, beautiful decorations, and, most importantly, incredible performance art. The center stage was home to a play that transitioned the stellar sets of DJs including Elixir, Alex Funk, Tumelo, EZ Almighty, and West Coast talents Kool Karlo, and mystr/htcht.  As the night progressed, and the tale unfolded further, huge painted scenery panels all around the room would shift to match the unfolding story of King EZ, his daughter, the princess and the dastardly wizard who cast a dancing spell on the crowd.

But what really transformed the event into an immersive world, was the audience, completely dressed for the occasion . All around were rabbits, fairies, dryads, butterflies, mad hatters, and a slew of other fantastical creatures.To add another touch to many of the incredible costumes, the body painting stations manned by Keith Manderville, Vann Godfrey of Transformational Bodypainting and Lauren Grace provided fantastic works of art, slowly washed away by sweat and good times. If you needed a cigarette break, (or just wanted to talk and not shout to your friends), you

could venture outside, into the toadstool tent filled with pillows and blankets. The area was lit by a 4 foot glowing mushroom, and rotating laser lights. In front of the tent, a slew of fire performers wowed the crowd with their intimidating talents throughout the evening. If you explored a little, and followed the yellow brick road through the secret tunnel, there was a hidden cavern of pillows that seated about a dozen. If you instead ventured upstairs, to the second sound room, listeners were treated to the creations of Been Jammin, RPM, Nixie, and DK. The space was aglow in an eerie red from the LED lined flowers on the wall. It was complete with a bar, couches, and a balcony overlooking the main stage.

Overall Reformata did a fantastic job immersing the crowd in a transformative wonderland through their interactive tale of mythical fantasy. King EZ said it best himself, “Drink Me, Eat Me” is a perfect example of how dance culture is evolving. Reformata’s event fused; community, music, visual projections, body painting, costumes, performance art, sculpture, interactivity and story telling into one amazing evening. There are a lot of people throwing art & music based fundraiser parties, but this event is proof that some serious creative thinking and risk taking may be needed to see keep things fresh and inspiring.”  Thanks for shaking it up Reformata and for taking all of us to the next level. We can’t wait to see what’s next from the NYC-based art collective.

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