Radical Grounding


Radical Grounding - Indian Lotus flowers
According to Hindu scriptures, the Atman (the self) dwells within the lotus of your heart. A lotus is a beautiful visualization point for meditating and grounding.


Radical Self Reliance is more than just showing up with enough water on playa. It’s about making sure you have the physical, mental and spiritual tools to be prepared out there. The desert is one of the most overwhelming and inspiring places on the planet. That’s why it’s so incredible – we lose it! Lose our minds, our identities, our concepts of what’s possible, and by losing all that and more we are given the opportunity to allow our true self to emerge. The meeting of our truest nature is the ultimate liberation!

Yes, we are each made of star dust, and are floating with all things at all times beyond the limits of time and space – and  you are here in a body, with an ability to experience all this magic because you are in Physical Form. For me, learning how to be in Form and connected to your truest self is the key to a good time – in lingo that’s called being “grounded.” Grounded in the reality that you are connected to all things and conscious of your body, thoughts, feelings, sensations, and surroundings.

It’s very easy to get so caught up in the loss and flying of life at the Burn that you lose even yourself – and that can be a wonderful experience but what about coming back home to self? Being grounded is awesome because the harder you press into the earth the more force comes up to support you. When you are fully supported the heart is able to relax. When you are held by a strong trunk of your core you allow your love, expression, vision, and connection to the divine to become open, flowing, and at ease. Being grounded results in one of the longest and best highs. I recommend trying out and building your ability to ground in your life off playa; the high works both places and if you find it difficult to become grounded at home then at the Burn it is only going to become harder to achieve. Here are some strategies to get Here:

  • Reflexology ChartRub Your Feet – Massaging anywhere on the soles of the feet is good, pressing on the four spots indicated on the chart on each foot is and quick a powerful way to ground.
  • Pulling Down the Veil – (This one is great because you need to yell!) Reaching your arms above your head, stretch up, inhale and exhale, inhale again. With your arms still outstretched, form fists with both hands. Now bring both fists down to your sides while simultaneously making a guttural “Hah” sound. Raise your arms once again and repeat three times or more, each time try to make the “Hah” sound a little louder. Once you feel that you can see clearer, do the rotation one more time. When you bring your hands to your sides allow yourself to bend forward, placing your hands on the ground underneath you, inhale and exhale letting all of your extra pentup energy flow back into the beautiful earth. Now inhale and slowly stand back up – rest your hand on your heart and take a moment to feel the rhythm of your heartbeat. Stay present with the beating of your heart as you silently thank your body for all of it’s hard work. Let out a long deep sigh shedding all of your expectations and allowing yourself to become neutral. Recognize that you are here in this present moment. Allow yourself to slowly move your awareness back into your surroundings. Take in everything around you. Once you feel fully awakened then continue on with your day. Go Play or go to sleep!
  • These Are My Feet – Stomp the ground and sing the song: “My name is (insert your name – the one that is the simplest and purest name you connect to as your true self), and these are my feet!” stomp and dance while repeating your little song, shake your limbs, squeeze your arms, allow the energy of the song and dance to reinvigorate you. Celebrate you being in you!
  • Journal – Simple and effective, take some time alone or with people around and just write out all that is going on. Don’t worry about having your entry “make sense” but allow yourself to free write, taking all of your many thoughts and putting them down on paper. Write for as long as you need, make sure to give yourself enough time to release all of your swirling thoughts. If you are worried about getting carried away, set a timer so you don’t look at the clock and you can just drop into your writing.
  • Grounding Meditation – Stand with your eyes open and with the intention of grounding. Visualize all of your internal self emptying. Allow all aspects of you to release. Now call back every single bit of you from all time and space. Watch your form fill with you and only You, until you are a clearer and cleaner version of yourself. Imagine yourself surrounded by a perfectly sealed egg-shaped, tight and bright aura. (A healthy strong aura is close to the body, about a foot off the skin, and bright, bright, bright, bright!) Once you are shinning your brightest take a big, deep inhale. Then slowly exhale while leaning forward and putting your palms on the ground in front of you. Allow all of your excess energy to return to the earth. Remember to thank your body and yourself for these beautiful introspective moments before continuing with your day.

I hope these are helpful for you on playa, allowing you to have the best Burn possible. Bringing your full and grounded self into any situation can bring that high and ease that we all love so much. Explore and practice starting now – give it a shot and let us know if it worked for you. If not there are so many other practices that we can discuss, and more to discover!

Fear Nothing, Drink water. Sat Nam!

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  1. Pamela

    Thank you so much for this, Sophia! Grounding is my main medicine journey of 2012 and I am learning allll about it in my life. Just in case there are others out there who don’t immediately get the grounding-through-the-feet approach, like me, I will share something I learned. I found that, at the earliest stages of my grounding, I had to simply envision the space above my head. Sometimes this felt like looking at myself from above. I had to be reminded that I STOP and AIR BEGINS at the top of my head. Like a container! A sheild that informed me: “you do not float above your body – you are down here!” I had to be reminded of this before I could feel any kind of grounding in my feet. I was expanding so far outside myself through my higher chakras that I was in danger of floating away! Now that I feel more grounded in my body in general, I can ground effectively through my feet. But it has been a process! Thank you, always, for your wisdom :)


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