Question of The Week #2: What Was Your Most Amazing Food Experience on Playa?


Playa Feast
Image by Doug Crissman


Last week’s question was: What was your favorite moment at Burning Man?


Josh VanderVeen “The Architech” (Philadelphia – Bangarang!) shared his experience, “Last year was my first Burning Man, but I’ve been in the East Coast scene for a couple years now and DJing for almost 8 years. I brought my music out to the playa with no gigs lined up figuring it’d be cool to play somewhere, but I wasn’t going to hold my breath. When I got there, I noticed in the What When Where that there was a DJ competition at camp Want It, on the Esplanade. I went, competed against about a dozen other DJs, and won. The prize was a slot on their Esplanade stage, midnight on burn night. I had come to Burning Man with the Aish Tamid fire conclave from Philadelphia as a staffer and breather. So that burn, I got to perform in front of all of Burning Man, watch the Man burn front row, and then kill an esplanade stage, all at my first Burning Man. I can’t imagine anything topping that night.”


Thanks Josh! That sounds like an amazing time! We’ll be sure to catch your future DJ sets at Burning Man 2012.


Our new question for this week is:

What was your most amazing food experience on Playa?


As usual we’ll be picking our favorite story to share in next week’s Radical Inclusion section!

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