Question of The Week #1: What Was Your Favorite Moment at Burning Man?


Photograph by Kyle Harmon


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 What was your favorite moment at Burning Man?

8 Responses to “Question of The Week #1: What Was Your Favorite Moment at Burning Man?”
  1. The Architech

    Last year was my first Burning Man, but I’ve been in the east coast scene for a couple years now and djing for almost 8 years now. I my music out with no gigs lined up figuring it’d be cool to play somewhere, but I wasn’t going to hold my breath. When I got there, I noticed in the what when where that there was a DJ competition at camp Want It. I went, competed against about a dozen other djs, and won. The prize was a slot I’m their esplanade stage, midnight on burn night. I had come to Burning Man with the Aish Tamid fire conclave from Philly as a staffer and breather. So that burn, I got to perform in front of all of Burning Man, watch the Man burn front row, and then kill an esplanade stage, all at my first Burning Man. I can’t imagine anything topping that night.

  2. Maria, The Amazon

    My first burn which was also my first birthday on playa. It was the best birthday party I could ever ask for.

  3. Zeuticorn

    Last year was my first year with our own art car. The whole burn was really a magical moment, independent of bikes or boring stationary camps, but specially loved by our small on-board family. The MOST magical moment was the Burn itself. I loved chilling in a hammock above the crowd on the top-deck dancefloor of my art car, surrounded by family. I helped my friends who are terrified of heights climb the ladder up, and overcome their fears to join us and watch the amazing firespinners from above, and then the super-quick disco-and-down of the Man Burn…. It was glorious. There was so much gratitude, beauty, love. So much work and $$ went into that, all validated and valued in that moment. Magical.

  4. Tristen Dubz Waters

    One of my favorite moments at Burning Man was in 2007, watching the lunar eclipse over the playa, out at the trash fence on Monday night. Was with a great group of people and we were really enjoying it. Then, the calm and quiet moments out in deep playa quickly started getting chaotic, as people started realizing THE MAN WAS ON FIRE! ON MONDAY NIGHT!!! So, commotion pretty much swept across the playa, and we jumped on our bikes to ride in to check out the ruckus!

    • That was sure an epic first night to be on playa.
      One of my favorite moments as well..

  5. Holy Moley, what a hard question THAT is. Can I just say, my favorite moment was the week I was so lucky to be blessed to spend in BRC, or is that too big, too loose? Can I say it was my collection of split-second unplanned silent moments making brand new best friends at the temple? Sharing my tears there, with complete strangers, as I watched the temple burn for the first time? Could it have been listening to Larry Harvey, talk at TEDx, complete with the artcar visit? No it was embracing my warm-bodied fur-clad vibrating glowing flashing smiling new family? Wait, no! It must have been that perfect sunrise when I watched the gallons of genuine emotion spill over the walls of crumbling egos, killing the selfishness bred into us by the hungry-greedy-money-driven-default-world? Maybe that piping hot cup of Kena Pure Kona Coffee- saving me from whatever it was that happened last night, saving me from what could have happened tonight, all the while rejuvenating my soul, my senses, my faith in our species? Maybe it was just simply sitting in the car, parked, in the clutches of the heat of the day, five lanes deep, in the insanity that is exodus, and for the first time, looking into that dusty little window on the back of my digital camera, through all those perfect captured intimate irreplaceable moments, reliving each one at a time, with a beaming smile, and tears of joy welling in my eyes, shattering the sharp cries of my blistered bleeding burnt extremities..
    Jesus, I have all but begun to answer this question… Thank you Burning Man, Thank you.


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