Ode to Pink Mammoth

Photos by Tristen 'Dubz' Waters

Codiak, Dubz and I had such a fantastic time last Saturday at Pinko de Mayo in Boulder, CO. Even though Pink Mammoth, Denver CORE and FUCKING UNICORNS did a fantastic job we didn’t want to write just another boring event article. To spice things up a bit Codiak and I created this mish-mash poem to sum up the night!

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Ode To Pink Mammoth

Pre-party prep- the time is neigh. The color is pink.
Mad thrift store hunt, trouble is afoot,
These people think we are crazy. we know the truth.
Raiding the lingerie section, make it fit.
squeeze pull press and tuck, perfect.
searching for the perfect pink accent.
pink satin trench, robes, patterns;
the gods are smiling upon us, the gods of pink are winning.
Late night dash, faster better stronger harder. don’t stop.
facepaint and glitter, smile at the hotel attendant,
stories of prison friends. it will not wash off.
Boots and magenta trench coats.
last minute painting, escalated silliness. this is living.
11pm arrival- the beginning of the beginning. did you bring your cup?
Fast hugs, fast hearts,
friends and family met and renewed. joyous.
Street overflow of thigh highs and booty shorts.
sweat glory and sex appeal. simply beautiful.
Crowded stairs, wet bodies met an honorary wolf,
gave her a pendant, she howled with us. we are infectious.
Shuddering floors, swaying steps like a trip back in time.
the rave. don’t ever stop.
Unicorn discoball \dragon piñatas.
candy, beads, dancers, wigs, ridiculousness.
Denver CORE crew making magic, DRAGON LOTUS FOR THE WIN!
Floating smiles, big &
shiny gorgeous bodies undulating to house rhythms. not everyone understands.
Stilt walkers, stilt dancers, sombraros, mustaches, skin.
Unicorn lovers, FUCKING UNICORNS,
shitting skittles, kilos of glitter. A FUCKING RAINBOW.
Ballerinas, swimming on the floor,
crashing into oblivion, loving every shining moment.
Tutus and Tattoos. Spray and play,
money for art, funds raised, capacity. This is how it’s done.
Bathroom line discussions, importance bonding and emptying
Drink spilling and sharing, Sir.
Twirling, smooching, popping.
MOVE YOUR FUCKING CAR. still sparkling. still smiling.
The night is over too quickly,
Wonderful party, thank you.

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