Bobo’s Bayou: Montana Based Burners Create a N’awlins Mobile Experience

Crafting a unique experience for a Burn is a challenge no matter how you slice it. The overwhelming volume of new and brilliant ideas means that more often then not, a truly remarkable creation fades into the white noise because, let’s face it, EVERYONE has a pirate ship these days. That’s why the mobile contingent of the California-based Nexus camp will hopefully provide a fresh scene and environment in an ever more crowded event full of homogenized mutantry. Bobo’s Bayou will be a mobile tribute to the lush and verdant landscapes of Louisiana’s muddy wetlands-a respite from the perils of dry land and low humidity. This 30-foot trailer is being re-enforced and converted into a bayou based bar, complete with swamp critters, gumbo and a healthy serving of old world Lousiana tunes. In the land of the “4 on the floor”, this oasis of jazz, blues and zydeco (folk music based out of the North American South) will help people drift away from the dusty plains and relax as their cares float on down the river.

This project began as the brainchild of Montana-based, Nexus members, Justin and Misty Wagner, (Fusty Pickle McSnyde & Misty Pants on playa), who were pondering how to craft a unique experience for this summer’s events. While having lunch with Justin’s mother at a Bayou-based restaurant, they realized that the Cajun combination of flavors and music were a perfect fit for playa. The project has grown to a 10-15 person production team, with help coming from all over the Montana burner community. Bobo’s Bayou is a labor of love start to finish, crafted almost entirely from recycled or repurposed materials (the sound system has to be fresh, let’s be real here). The project was named after a beloved friend and former team member of the project, Aaron “Bobo” Bolton, who passed away recently. Bobo was originally from Louisiana and his friends felt it was only fitting to name their new creation after him. The team is collecting weathered wood for the exterior and the projects metal reinforcements will ensure that it can comfortably house a lazy Sunday swamp ride or a foot-stomping jazz-crazy dance floor. Refreshments will echo the environment, authentic gumbo and swamp juice on hand to wet whistles and keep those knees and elbows greased.

While many Nexus projects are funded entirely in house due to their generous and resourceful community, Bobo’s Bayou has had some luck with its Kickstarter project page. With a goal of $3,500 by Saturday, March 17th, they are, at the time of this writing, just under $400 away.

When asked whether or not he felt like Kickstarter was an effective tool for artists, Justin said, “I think Kickstarter is fantastic! A great tool for any artist to get their project off the ground. It is definitely nail biting at times, but the community is very responsive to these types of ideas.” As more and more backers donate funds towards the project, the excitement bubbles and froths like a kettle of fresh crawdads. Bobo’s Bayou, the mutant vehicle contingent of Nexus this year, will be a sight for sore eyes and a great time had by all to be sure. If you or anyone you know would appreciate this project and would love to contribute, visit their Kickstarter page and show some support to fresh ideas and breaking new boundaries both on and off playa.

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