Zombies take over Manhattan!


All Photos by Thomas Egan.

Far before the calendar says October, I get excited about the spooky events Halloween brings. None more perhaps than the annual undead extravaganza known as ZombieCon in New York City!

Part pub crawl, part undead-awareness walk, ZombieCon travels its way across Manhattan reminding people that a horde of reanimated corpses could assemble in YOUR neighborhood at anytime. To prepare for this annual gore-fest, I took a look into my costume closet to see what items I could shred and cover with blood. It’s an excellent opportunity to upcycle a previously worn costume into a new zombiefied look.

With most of my efforts going towards my bloody makeup, this year my zombie costume was an old-time street-urchin zombie. ZombieCon is really the only time of year I venture into gore makeup—usually my focus is more on glitter. Inspired by the cover of the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, my makeup included a large face wound with exposed teeth and, of course, lots of blood. It took about an hour and a half to complete and was far more comfortable than wearing a latex appliance. After a satisfactory amount of blood was applied, I was ready to go meet up with the other zombies at our starting point in Manhattan. Check out the video I made of the entire process.

Each ZombieCon has a sub-theme, which for this year’s event was Apocalypto Ultimo (those Mayans and their unfinished calendar!). People really ran with it, using lots of Latin American influences for their costumes.

With the weather cooperating nicely, the Zombie Queen picked an excellent route that allowed for plenty of tourist interaction as well as cool New York spots off the beaten path. In a very bold move, the zombies terrorized a very busy Saturday afternoon crowd at High Line Park. The park-goers were generally entertained, however, I did overhear one woman say to a zombie, “Don’t you dare touch me!” Understandable. The park rangers did not seem to know what to do, but as long as the zombies were not disturbing the vegetation they let them pass without any trouble. Stops were made for food and brain-flavored beverage and the evening finally culminated at the Zombie Bawl where the horde rocked into the night.

The illustrious Madeline in all her gory glory with a terrifying Eliza close behind!

One of the best features of ZombieCon is the participation factor. Most zombies really get into character, crawling up the subway stairs and shuffling down the streets scaring unsuspecting people. If this sounds like your idea of a good time, you should join in the fun next year. Many cities have zombie walks now, some even sporadically throughout the year!

To get updates on next year’s NYC ZombieCon, and possibly a zombie prom before then, follow the Zombie Queen on Twitter @zombieconny.

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