Kostume Girl Creates: A New Fashion Series

Costumes are my passion and have opened up doors and allowed some of the most amazing experiences of my life. Costuming led me to join Kostume Kult in my beloved city of New York and in turn brought me to take the plunge into my first Burning Man trip in 2010. I use any holiday, theme party or parade as an excuse to create the wildest costume I can dream up. As my costuming motto states, “More is More.” Dressing up is a great excuse to be social and part of a community. A shy violet can quite literally transform into a showy peacock. We see proof of it each year on the playa when a street clothing clad attendee emerges from the Kostume Dome and on to our runway as their new playa persona, having transformed perhaps to a Sexy French Maid or Sexy Robot!

Photo By Armando Zubieta

After spending more than three years with the burner community and going to countless Kostume Kult parties; I share a love for all things glitter, faux fur and neon but I am also a stickler for a completely cohesive look. I can’t just go into my costume closet before a party, thrash about and emerge ready to go. My costumes have titles like Zombie Rag Doll Mermaid, Peppermint Princess and The Tree of Life. They can start in my notebook months in advance. Costumes are often inspired by a wig I’m fond of or a desire to wear more body paint. Then I take into consideration the venue, weather and activities I will be doing before going shopping. Sourcing crazy materials is a challenge but I’ve started keeping a resource directory of places in NYC and online with unique items. A store recently added to the list is a newly opened trim shop in the garment district called East Coast Trimming Corp. (142 West 38t Str. btw Broadway and 7th Ave) . It has burner costumes written all over it. You will find jumbo pipe cleaners, feathers and neon fringe that could make costume designers drool. If you are in need of inspiration just go walk around a trim store. Inspiraton lightening will strike!

Photo by Stephen Dettling

Writing about my costumed adventures has also become a great creative outlet for me. On my blog, Kostume Girl’s Closet, I recap most of the events I go to and now that I have been to the Burn, I’m ready to repack and revamp the costume bin and share playa costuming tips and ideas too. After seeing the photos of these costume parties and parades you’ll be counting the days till the next Idiotarod, ZombieCon or Alternative Oscar party. Also within the past year I have been experimenting with making video tutorials on makeup techniques. Stay tuned for the next sure-to-be-entertaining installment, “Kostume Girl Learns How to Airbrush”.

My costume work in progress right now is in preparation for the Mermaid Day Paradeon June 23rd in Coney Island. As the costume parade I have been attending the longest (7 years now!) it holds a special place in my heart. Also its pretty much the one time of year I get all the way out to Coney Island, a truly unique location in New York City. While searching for inspiration a friend mentioned I should do something patriotic. For some reason the American Revolution clicked into my head and now I’m trying to figure out how to sew a sexy Continental Army jacket/mermaid tail. I love a challenge!

Photo By Jane Kratochvil – www.janekratochvil.com
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